Tourists moving toward Aibginsky [Bezymyanny] waterfall in Russia's Krasnodar Territory. Sochi (RIA Novosti / Michael Mordasov)

February 17, 2014

Sochi beyond sports: Stonehenge siblings & Niagara Falls cousins

Sochi’s hosting Olympic Games is hoped to turn it into a major tourist attraction in the future. But alpine resorts and beach hotels are not the only things the city has to lure foreigners with. Just 90 minutes travel from the Olympic Park, one can find dozens of waterfalls – maybe not as abundant as the Niagara Falls, but still quite picturesque and offering a healthy challenge to those wishing to visit them all. And more mystically minded may be curious to see the dolmans, 6,000-year-old stone structures said to possess great power. RT’s Martyn Andrews goes on a tourist trip across the mountains and villages around Sochi.

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