Sochi bungee facilities include the highest swing in the world and an enormous adventure park with the biggest bungee jump – an impressive 200 meters. “This is by far the most interesting project we’ve ever done,” says Alan John ‘AJ’ Hackett, a New Zealand entrepreneur, who set up a bungee shop in Sochi. Hackett, a bungee jumper, popularized this “daredevil” extreme sport back in 1980s. For more, watch RT’s Martyn Andrews’ report.

February 22, 2014

Post-Olympic Sochi to pump adrenaline for bungee jumpers

Sochi will not only be a center of traditional sports and entertainment after the Olympic Games; in summer the Black Sea resort will become the place to seek an adrenalin buzz as the Winter Olympic capital will become a mecca for bungee jumping.

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