However, Lipnitskaya fell during her short and free program which kept her down in 5th place. “I came to the individual program a bit fatigued because of the team competition,” Lipnitskaya said, explaining her falls in the individual skating to RT, “But I've won an Olympic gold medal.” Lipnitskaya told RT she feels very happy with the victory of her teammate. “Adelina was perfect, this is truly her best performance I've seen, incredible,” she said.

February 22, 2014

Yulia Lipnitskaya: Sotnikova was perfect

Adelina Sotnikova, who won Russia’s first ever Olympic gold in ladies figure skating, said she did her best during her flawless Olympic performance. “I did all the elements of the program - and it was incredible to finally see I had scored the most points,” the 17-year-old Olympic champion told RT, adding she “still can't say that her victory has fully sunk in yet.” Along with Sotnikova, 15-year-old Yulia Lipnitskaya was fighting for the Olympic gold. She had earlier become an Olympic champion in team skating in Sochi.

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